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A Different Approach?

Just another wildlife photography website?

With so many wildlife and bird photography websites out there these days, it's getting harder to impress.  Hopefully my approach to photography makes it stand out a little?

DJSPhotography avoids posting 'snapshots' of wildlife, as I'm not trying to impress you by the volume of ticks on my list of things seen.  For the same reason, I rarely post similar images, or images that are heavily cropped.

All images on this website will be high quality and available for most editorial uses.

This is my outer goal, but my inner goal is to connect with the beauty and wisdom of Nature, both personally but also as an artistic outlet that viewers may, at least, see a 'nicer' way to appreciate wildlife and our world, and may even stimulate some change in their perspective.

I am not just a photographer.  I am also a human with a conscience!   I think that humanity is in dire need of regaining a more fruitful connectivity to the Natural World.  This loss has led to illnesses of the mind and body of not just individuals but entire cultures.  I want to pursue a way to help people "see" again their true divinity within this precious planet.  So yes, I want to show you what I have seen, plus more.

Only after the last tree has been cut down.
Only after the last river has been poisoned.
Only after the last fish has been caught.
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

Cree Indian Prophesy

Photography is at least one small way I think I can help in this appreciation.

But I realised long ago that a stand alone image can only achieve so much.   Other ways must be through encouraging direct experience.  Only good photography can stimulate this want.  But I also believe we all need some enlightenment, not more education (con-science!).

My photography is for me as much as I want it to be for you.

"The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing".
Eric Berne

I sincerely hope you enjoy my collection of images; and see the "whole picture" of my pictures; and wonder with me at how intricate and marvelous our world is.

Barnacle Geese Islay ęDavid J Slater



DJSPhotography Mission Statement


We live in times when wildlife documentaries and newspapers present us with manipulated and fake imagery, and now we see a large percentage of wildlife photographers following in their footsteps.  This we believe is detrimental to truth, to education, and to the integrity of nature itself.

DJS Photography strives to present work that is UN-MANIPULATED and to show the true conditions under which the photo was taken.

DJSPhotography almost exclusively concentrate on WILD animals in their natural surroundings.  We do not do artificial "garden" setups.  No animal is harmed or captured in the making of these photographs.   We don't encourage the use of baited hides due to their potential for creating dependency on humans.

You can rest assured that the images you request have been captured ethically, presented honestly, and with the welfare of the subject maintained.


This is my guarantee.


DJSPhotography tries to show the full un-cropped image.  Occasional cropping does occur and these are distinguished in the reference label under each image with a (C) or (crop).  Manipulation of digital images is kept to a minimum - only unsharp mask, levels, contrast, colour balance and saturation being used and always to the whole image (never selectively).  DJSPhotography never adds or subtracts anything to the image (well, almost never!).  I believe this approach helps you to judge my standard and see REAL wildlife photos.


Notice to Editors....


Any image can be sent to you now as a High resolution JPEG with AdobeRGB colour.


The Images

Reference labels of slide scans end with (S), and cropped images with (crop, or slight crop, or large crop). 

Uncropped images from Digital SLRs carry no distinction.


Fighting Squirrels

Kung Fu Squirrels - an unmanipulated photo with less than 10% cropped.

No photo is ever sent to a client if it isn't sharp.


If you wish to enquire about or buy an image simply send me a message and I will get back to you with a price or whatever you need.


I wish you well.