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David J Slater can print any website image of your choice. Email me to say which one and I will reply.  Payment by PayPal can be arranged or by sending a cheque.  All prices below are in British Pounds (GBP).

Unmounted 12x8" (A4+) PRINT.....................£20

Unmounted 18x12" (A3+) PRINT....................£35


Order a signed "monkey selfie" for a brilliant present!

 Please read the below recommendation.....

Dear David,

She's arrived - in perfect condition. Thank you so much. It's absolutely fantastic. Please feel
free to use any of the following on your website, in marketing, etc. If you feel it would be useful. I mean it all.

 I have never bought a photograph before. I have commissioned paintings and bought
them from Art Galleries - they are 'art'. I don't buy photos, but I do
buy newspapers and I had kept The Independent from 7th August last year (2014)
because there was a fun picture of a monkey that had apparently taken a
selfie. I liked it, it cheered me up whenever I glanced at it and
thought I should chuck out the paper, throughout the winter months. The
front page monkey picture still hasn't made it to the recycling.

 Whilst the very beautiful crested black macaque may have pressed the
button, David Slater made the photograph. In a moment of what I thought
was weakness at the time, I bought a framed A3 copy of the image,
attractively signed by the photographer (not the monkey) for a hundred
pounds. A hundred pounds! I don't buy photographs and certainly not at that price.

It is one of the best purchases of 'things I didn't absolutely need'' that I
have ever made. I now know that both the newspaper and internet images
do it no justice. It is a deliciously comical perhaps, perfectly framed
close-up headshot. Look at it again and that smile may not be a smile.

 The detail is staggering. Your eye is drawn to the teeth and this
encourages closer inspection. The reflection of the forest behind the
camera is clear to see in the monkey's eyes. In contrast, the forest
behind the monkey is a blurred leafy green background that highlights
every contour of the face and every hair on its shoulders and head. Have a look.

You might look at the picture and laugh out loud, you might look in to the monkey's eyes and want to cry, you might
want to give that monkey a big hug - or a name - but it's clearly your  friend and you will feel something.

The monkey may have  seen its own reflection in the lens and may have pressed a button
randomly. I like to think it looked into the camera and saw us. It looks
 like it could well know more than we do. It may well be carrying the
weight of the world on no perceivable shoulders, or it could just be
mucking about. Either way, that's what makes it so endearing.

The real thing is a wonderfully thought-provoking piece of art. Probably best to buy it from the artist. It's brilliant.

 David, as you may have gathered, I am so grateful. It is such a
pleasure and thank you for sending it to me. I wish you every success.

With warmest wishes,

Guy Levesley,
Repton School, South Derbyshire, UK


Mounted framed prints are available at £80 for 12x8 and £150 for 18x12.

Some examples of prints:


I use a professional printing company to do all my prints.   They are printed on a high density paper suitable for framing with NO wrinkling.




Licenses to commercially publish the images are granted in accordance with usage. 

Below is a guide to prices for typical usage.   All fees are negotiable.  

Please contact me to agree a reproduction fee.  


National Publication:  your standard rate

International Publication:  your standard rate

Local Publication:  £30 any size

Charitable or Conservation bodies: £15 any size (this is a Royalty Free use)

N0n-profit / Educational: from £15 according to size and print run

Commercial: from £75 according to size, run, sector etc - please email me.

Website:  commercial £35+ priced according to business sector, 

Website: non-profit blog / website £1 (to strictly include credit line and hyperlink).  Always ask for permission first!

Poster / Artwork:  £35 - £350, priced according to use and print run - please email me.  


Ordering an Image

If you like any image on this website and want to use it or purchase a print, simply send me an e-mail detailing the image and how you want to use it and I'll reply with a price (see price guide below).  If possible I also send any similar images you may like to see (low resolution jpegs).  Please put "image request" in the subject line.

After we agree a price, you can pay by credit card using PayPal (an email will be sent to you with payment details - you don't need a PayPal account), cheque or Bank Transfer.

For commissions, workshops, written articles, etc, the ordering process will be done entirely by written or verbal agreement.

All images are now provided digitally on a CD or DVD or sent via EMAIL.