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Cape ground squirrel  Xerus inauris

Etosha National Park, Namibia.  David J Slater 2008

By popular demand following national exposure in the tabloids across the world, I've added a few more photos to this gallery....(please respect the copyright)

Totally adorable animals!  I've often watched these from the car when out in a game park.  But in this case I discovered a small family that had residence in a distant corner of a campsite.  They are very inquisitive animals and I soon discovered that if I put the camera on the floor they couldn't resist an inspection.  If I put a small bit of food in front of, or on the lens, one would be brave enough to take it (usually the girl!), and then the males would use "kung-fu" techniques to disarm her of it!!!!  These are harsh lifestyles out here in one of the driest places on Earth - the Etosha Pan.

Such close encounters with wildlife is what I really enjoy.  However, there were some people who objected to me enjoying these animals so closely and made uncomfortable remarks and even confronted me stating how these animals are dangerous, carry rabies, and so on.  So there you go, I braved a deadly virus to bring you these images....






The food is got, and at first a stranglehold move does the trick to release it....





And once stolen the male would exit sharply leaving others to contemplate the loss!





Then more would join in the fight, and speed of the fighting moves became the key to success. 

The one on the left had the nut, the one on the right knows who has it....






then an intercept followed using high kicks and lunges....






and eventually the thief was apprehended with brilliant flooring moves...





and then it gets really nasty with some wife beating!





But others will come to her rescue and take out the villain with moves to die for.





Afterwards, the fighters make friends again, ahhhh.




Crested porcupine  Hystrix sp.

We disturbed this porcupine one day in South Luangwa, which then persisted in running down the gravel track in front of the car. After a crazy overtake I had to jump out of the car and run after it.  About half a kilometre later it eventually paused for a breath and I got the shot.







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