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  Whinchat 03 crop


Whinchat Saxicola rubetra

Powys, Wales, May 2010




  Whinchat 05 female


A very small and active little moorland bird.  I was lucky enough to find a nest by a roadside in Powys and get reasonably close photographs of both the male and female.   I think the photograph below is of a juvenile, presumably a recent fledgling.




  Whinchat 04 juvenile




whinchat male

  Whinchat 06c male





  Whinchat 08 male








Stonechat 39b


Stonechat  Saxicola torquata

Malvern Hills, June 2008


One of the best places to photograph these upland birds is along moorland roads with roadside fences. Beanbag on the car window with a close eye on the traffic, a slow roll up to them is often the trick.   This family also includes the Redstarts.



Stonechat 47





Stonechat 39







wheatear male 

Wheatear 21


Male in summer plumage.  Rhyader, Mid Wales (May 2010).



Wheatear  Oenanthe oenanthe




Wheatear 05                                                                                              Wheatear 19 (crop)


Female in winter plumage. Douglas, Isle of Man.                          Female in summer plumage. Powys, Wales, UK.




Wheatear 13 Greenland


The peach-coloured Greenland Wheatear (female).  A regular visitor to the UK.



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