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Black redstart

Black Redstart 03 (male)


Black Redstart  Phoenicurus  ochuros

A visitor to the British Isles normally found around buildings near the coast.  The photo above was taken in Andalucia in February 2010.  Although it doesn't look like it, it was taken on the edge of an urbanisation at the coast.  I have seen a lot of females but not so many males, so rose to the challenge.  It took more than a few days of observing the bird during my daily dogwalking activities, its habits and preference for perches before I baited it down to a small twig.  It may seem simple but this individual seemed a very clever and wary bird.  The day after this photograph was taken the bird disappeared!  Perfect timing indeed.



Black Redstart (male)



Black Redstart 07 (female)








Redstart 34



Redstart  Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Redstarts are present in the Forest of Dean in small numbers each year, and can be quite confiding when found. 

They are high on the list of must sees by many birders and photographers.  The above photograph is of the female, always alert and never far from her nest in late May and early June.



redstart male

Redstart 86


I think redstarts look really good photographed against a dark green background, which is lucky because they are woodland birds.  Many photographers believe the white brow of the male should show some detail.  For some reason it is almost impossible without some post processing manipulation.  The image above is a stunning breeding male I had been working on for about 2 weeks in the Forest of Dean in early June 2010.


Redstart 57



But most of my wildlife photography success with redstarts has been in and around the Nagshead RSPB Reserve here in the Forest of Dean.





Redstart 67




Redstart 88 flight (crop)



Redstart 63 (female)



A female Redstart photographed in an Ash tree that acts as a natural frame.



Redstart 56  (juvenile male)





Redstart 62 ( juvenile female)




Redstart 85





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