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Mustelidae (from Latin mustela, weasel), is commonly referred to as the weasel family.  The Mustelidae is a diverse family and the largest in the order Carnivora.  They generally have a musty odour and are hunted for their fine furs.  British examples all have elongated bodies with small heads, except that is for the badger.




Pine Marten copyright David J Slater

Pine Marten 12




Pine Marten copyright David J Slater

Pine Marten 11





Pine Marten copyright David J Slater

Pine Marten 04 crop


Pine marten


Raiders of bird tables throughout Scotland.  Not often seen in the hours of daylight, but at the Great Glen Lodges at Kilfinnan this female was forced to raid the bird seed in order to feed her 2 youngsters (May 2007).  The photographs were taken in poor light or at night.



Weasel copyright David J Slater

Weasel 02 crop




An opportunistic shot taken at a landfill site in Hertfordshire.



 Stoat copyright David J Slater

Stoat 01 (S)


Stoats are inquisitive creatures.  This wild one couldn't resist looking at me from a hole in the wall, giving me time to set up my camera.  Taken in Oxfordshire in 1999, I haven't had a close encounter since!


Stoat (S)


Polecat copyright David J Slater

Polecat 01




American Mink copyright David J Slater

Mink 01



They can walk on water!  Well ok, only if it's frozen.  This chap was hunting at Upton Warren on the same day as my water rail photographs.



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