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Moorhen 01




Moorhen 06






Moorhen 11










Spotted Crake 04




Spotted Crake 06


Spotted crake

As the flood waters subsided here in Gloucestershire, the rotting vegetation attracted many flies.  This occasional visitor near Cheltenham was obviously attracted to this treat.  A difficult bird to photograph, it was only on my third visit could I get some sharp images, but I had to shoot at 400ASA to get them - the bird hardly stops moving and it prefers the shade!  Note the flies on the water in the lower photo.





Water Rail

 Water Rail 19



Water rail

A typically shy and elusive bird that brings great excitement to those who see one.

Getting close up photographs of the Water rail can be very hard indeed.



Water Rail

 Water Rail 18








Winter Coot

Coot 15



Coot 06





Coot copyright David J Slater

Coot 068




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