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Sulawesi anoa...


The Anoa is quite small, and often referred to as pygmy or miniature buffalo. Although not much is known about the Anoa, they are belived to live singly or in pairs, rather than herds, except when the cows are about to give birth. It is believed unlikely that there are more than 5000 animals remaining. Reasons for the decline include hunting for hide, horns and meat by the indigenous peoples (though they were rarely hunted by indigenous peoples before the introduction of modern firearms); and loss of habitat due to the advancement of settlement. Currently, hunting is the more serious factor in most areas. The Anoa do not appear to be adaptable to humans.




Anoa 09

Anoa    Bubalus depressicornis

Shy animal with a keen sense of smell.  Salt licks and areas with fruiting trees are the places to find these animals.   

The male is black.


Anoa 10



Anoa 06


The female is brown.


Anoa 05



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