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A familiar family (Pieridae) of butterflies with 7 species occuring in Britain.





Green Veined White 02 


Green veined white

A very common butterfly that's often mistaken for large white, orange-tip or wood white.

The dusty dark veins under the wing are the giveaway.  It is also quite a weak flyer that looks for yellow flowers near gorse.





Wood White 06



Wood White on BF Trefoil 03 



Wood White

A dainty butterfly with a weak flight.  Often seen in woodland rides with orchids.



Clouded Yellow

Clouded Yellow 01


Clouded yellow

An occasional visitor to the UK but common on continental Europe.



Brimstone 06 



An unmistakable large yellow butterfly that is often one of the first to be seen each year zooming along woodland rides and hedgerows.

Interestingly, they prefer yellow flowers in the spring, turning to purple flowers in summer.



Large White 1 (S)


Large white

Also known as the Cabbage White due to the caterpillar's love for them (their larval food plant).

Told from the small white butterfly by the strong black wing-tips.  Both have yellowish dusty underwings.




Orange Tip 02


Orange tip

 An active butterfly seen here nectaring on Cuckoo Flower, its larval foodplant.




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