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The Hesperiidae family, or skippers are a strange lot, as they're closely related to the moths!

They are always small and fast flying, making photography of them difficult (hard to follow and creep up on them).





Grizzled Skipper 06 (S)                                                                                                      Grizzled Skipper 08





Grizzled Skipper 13



Grizzled skipper



Dingy Skipper 1 (S)



Dingy Skipper 01 (crop)



Dingy skipper




Skipper Large 2






Skipper Large 04



Large skipper



Small Skipper 2 (S)



Small Skipper 1 (S)


Small skipper


I'm lucky because there is a site less than a mile from my home that has 4 different skippers.



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