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Chaser Four Spotted 01


Four-spotted chaser


Dragonflies & Damselflies

Beautiful and spectacular predatory insects belonging to the taxonomic order Odonata (meaning "toothed jaw"!

Like the butterflies, they have two pairs of wings that are delicately and richly patterned.



Common Hawker 12


Common hawker


Damselfly Large Red 01c


Large red damselfly

It may be called large, but is actually quite small.  Look for the dark bands on the tail.






   Common Darter 04 crop


Common darter

Very similar to the Ruddy Darter.  Note that the abdomen hasn't a waist whereas in the Ruddy it has. 

Hard to see here, but the legs have yellow knees, the abdomen has small yellow bands and the spots on the wings are dark red.




   Ruddy Darter 08



   Ruddy Darter 01



Ruddy darter






   Dragonfly Emperor 01 exuvia                                                                                                                                                   Dragonfly Emperor 01



Emperor dragonfly




Southern Hawker 04 (newly hatched)



Southern Hawker 02 crop



Southern hawker

Very similar to the Emperor Dragonfly and Migrant Hawker, but has chocolate brown rucksack straps on its "shoulders".

The upper photo is of a newly emerged adult drying its wings.




Damselfly Common Blue male 01


Common blue damselfly

As the name suggests, a very common damselfly.




Dragonfly Golden Ringed 03


Golden ringed dragonfly

Slow trickling streams on heathland or coniferous woodland rides is where these beautiful dragonflies can be found.





Banded Demoiselle 1 female                                                                                                    Banded Demoiselle 2 mmale


Banded demoiselle

A large damselfly often found near canals and lakes.


Damselfly Emerald 14 male



Damselfly Emerald 13 female



Emerald damselfly

A stunning damselfly.  The top of its thorax is metallic green, and along the top of the tail.



Damselfly Blue Tailed 08b



Blue tailed damselfly

Like the Common Blue, this is a very common damselfly.




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