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The Satyridae family has 11 British species told easily by the white pupilled eye-spots. 

Their caterpillars prefer grass as a food plant.



Gatekeeper 03




Meadow Brown 01


Meadow brown



Marbled Whites mating 2



Marbled white  Melanargia galathea L.

I know, but it is classed as "A Brown" butterfly - it only has two pairs of functional legs (seen here).

Here the male is prodding the female with his legs and antennae to initiate mating.  Usually found on open chalk or limestone grassland.




Grayling 01


Grayling     Hipparchia semele

A very difficult species to find due to its grey undersides, not to mention increasing rarity.  It is a species of rocky heaths and cliffs. 

This photo was taken on the Isle of Man.


Ringlet 02




Ringlet 06



Ringlet    Aphantopus hyperantus

A very dark brown butterfly with striking underwing spots. They like bracken.



Small Heath 01


Small heath    Coenonympha pamphilus


Speckled Wood 03




Speckled Wood 04


Speckled wood    Pararge aegeria

A common butterfly of woodland and, therefore, able to tolerate lower temperatures for flying than most butterflies.




Wall Brown 03


Wall brown

A rare butterfly of rocky grassland and yes, sunny walls.



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