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 A large family (Lycaenidae) that includes the hairstreaks and coppers as well.  The males are usually blue (some exceptions), but the females are brown.

The blues are what make the summer in the UK.  Only the Common Blue, Small Blue and Holly Blue are seen in the northern half of Britain. They are all seen on the continental mainland, yet many of the British species are confined to the deep south.  This is probably more to do with geology (Chalk) and grazing than temperature.



Common Blue 03


A common blue butterfly of grassland.

Common blue


Small Blue 05



Small Blue 03


Small blue

A very small blue butterfly that looks like a moth when seen fluttering in the grass.  Likes to bask on bare earth or stones.




Large Blue 13                                                                                                  Large Blue 17


Large Blue

An extremely rare butterfly that is on the up thanks to re-introduction projects at secret sites around the country.  These photos were taken at a Gloucestershire site.



Brown Argus 03



Brown Argus 01


Brown argus

A fairly scarce member of the blue butterflies.  Male and female are brown, so both can be confused with the female Common Blue.



Chalkhill Blue 1                                                                                                                                  Chalkhill Blue 12


Chalkhill blue

A locally common butterfly of calcareous downland.


Holly Blue 02 crop


Holly blue



Long Tailed Blue 01


Long tailed blue

An infrequent visitor to the UK.  The tail shows the link between the "blues" and the "hairstreaks".

They are usually seen amongst garden flowers.



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