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svalbard reindeer 

Svalbard Reindeer 11






David J Slater,  SVALBARD, Norway, August 2010


svalbard reindeer 

Svalbard Reindeer 05


The Svalbard reindeer are a product of man's interference with nature through accidental escape.  A popuation of something like a dozen Lapland Reindeer were released accidentally on purpose by some European explorers in the 20th Century.  They survived against all odds and are the most numerous and possibly charismatic mammal today after the Poar Bear.  They nay have speciated, a fact that may be giving thew protection from hunting by the Norwegian elite.



Svalbard Reindeer 

Svalbard Reindeer 03




Svalbard Reindeer 

Svalbard Reindeer 04









Forest Reindeer

Tundra Reindeer 05


Here are possibly the ancient forerunners of the Svalbard Reindeer. Taken in captivity in the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland!



Forest Reindeer

Tundra Reindeer 01





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