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Barbary Ape

 Barbary Macaque 19


Barbary macaque

Macaca sylvanus




David J Slater,  January 2010

The Barbary Macaque population in Gibraltar is the last in the whole of Europe and, unlike that of North Africa  is thriving. At present there are some 230 animals in five troupes occupying.  Often called apes they are actually monkeys.  Opinion is divided about their origins: They may be remants from the Ice Age or, more likely, introduced by the Moors, a race of Muslims from North Africa who occupied Spain between 711 and 1492.  The "Rock" became british territory in 1704 and during the First World War the British troops began to care for them, so much so, they have become an icon of the British Army.  Any ill monkey was taken to a military hospital in the same way any soldier would, as was the birth of any baby monkey!   In 1991 the care of the Apes was transferred to the local natural history group.


Barbary Ape 

 Barbary Macaque 16



 Barbary Macaque                  Barbary Macaque

 Barbary Macaque 06                                                                                                                Barbary Macaque 04 (crop)



Some new, and already inquisitive arrivals to the Rock of Gibraltar.




 Barbary Macaque

 Barbary Macaque 02




 Barbary Macaque

 Barbary Macaque 09




 Barbary Macaque

 Barbary Macaque 11


" stop Africa...." 



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