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Azure Winged Magpie 04



Azure-winged Magpie





Azure Winged Magpie 10



Coto Donana National Park, Andalucia, April 2010


I'm a bit sad sometimes, but I went all the way to the Coto Donana National Park in southernmost Spain just to photograph these birds.  But what gems?  This is a birders paradise with every species you may wish for, and i plumbed for these!  However, I did find the park very hard for photography.  Unseasonally high water level meant most waders were far away from any of the hides making photography impossible.  These kind chaps eventually, and I mean it took a couple of days to get their confidence, came to breadcrumbs (look carefully in the top photo!) to within 5 metres of me and stayed still long enough to get a sharp shot.  Like all nervous corvids, they can be quick and clever when they want to be!





Azure Winged Magpie 05




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