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arctic fox

Arctic Fox 03 (crop)





David J Slater,  SVALBARD, Norway, August 2010


 Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox 01

We had only a glimpse of a distant Arctic Fox during the voyage, much to my disappointment.  But it was my good friend Brian Kerslake who sorted this one out for me!  He had seen this little fox outside of his Bed & Breakfast before the start of the trip.  On our return we had a look for the fox and to my great surprise it was there!  During the trip we had stopped at the only shop outside of Longyearbyen for gifts.  In Ny-Alesund, the most northerly permanent settlement on Earth, I purchased a toy Polar bear for my daughter.  I soon discovered this was just the lure for this fox!  The above photograph shows the bear and the fox making first contact...



Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox 03



    Arctic foxes are renowned for their tameness, despite being top of the Norwegian hunters quarry here.  How difficult must it be to gun down one of these little things?  Such tough men up in Svalbard!



All the arctic fox photographs taken with a 16-30mm wide-angle lens, held in one-hand whilst luring the fox with a toy Polar Bear in the other!!!!



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