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Firecrest 03



Firecrest copyright david J Slater

Firecrest 06 ctop



Firecrest     Regulus ignicapilla     Forest of Dean, UK, October 2012

A very difficult bird to photograph due to its size, the smallest bird in the UK.





Whitethroat 02



Whitethroat     Sylvia communis     Forest of Dean, UK, May 20th, 2010



Great Reed Warbler 1


Great reed warbler     Acrocephalus arundinaceus




Garden Warbler

Garden Warbler 07




Garden Warbler

Garden Warbler 08



Garden warbler    Sylvia borin      Forest of Dean, UK, May 24th, 2008



Willow Warbler 09





Willow Warbler 01


Willow warbler     Phylloscopus trochilus     Forest of Dean, UK, May 30th, 2007




Blackcap male 06 (crop)




Blackcap female 03



Blackcap   Sylvia atricapilla

A garden Medlar tree provides several blackcaps some much needed energy in April. 2009.



Dartford Warbler 05



Dartford warbler      Sylvia undata      Estepona, Spain, Christmas Day, 2006






Wood Warbler 07




wood warbler

Wood Warbler 13 (crop)




wood warbler

Wood Warbler 02


Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler 17 nest



Wood warbler     Phylloscopus sibilatrix      RSPB Nagshead, Gloucestershire, UK, June






Sedge Warbler 02


Sedge warbler    Acrocephalus schoenobaenus     River Ouse, Cambridgeshire, UK, June 2005



Chiffchaff 04


Chiffchaff  Phylloscopus collybita


Reed Warbler 03


Reed warbler     Acrocephalus scirpaceus    RSPB Oare Marshes, Kent, UK, July 2005




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