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Turnstone 12b




Turnstone 15



Turnstone 13 (crop)


Turnstone  Arenaria interpres

Isle of Man, December 2010





Purple Sandpiper

Purple Sandpiper 13



Purple Sandpiper  Calidris maritima


The east coast of the UK is generally known as purple sandpiper territory.  They can be elusive, but are often confiding little birds when found.  Search for them near water level amongst seaweed covered rocks and crashing waves.  These photographs of Purple Sandpiper were taken in North Berwick in November 2005.



Sanderling 06



Sanderling 05


Sanderling      Calidris alba



Oystercatcher 2 (S)



Oystercatcher 2 crop (S)


Oystercatcher    Haemotopus ostralegus  (S)

Early dawn at Snettisham on the Norfolk Coast gives the scene a very cool blue light.



Red Necked Phalarope

Phalarope Red Necked 02



Red Necked Phalarope

Phalarope Red Necked 03



Red-necked Phalarope  Phalaropus lobatus (C)

A good twitch and photograph from Gloucestershire in October 2005 - usually found in the Arctic and Shetland.  A very active bird that feeds on invertebrates stirred up by its lobed feet.  Famous for the females being the unfaithful sex, the males being left to bring up the kids!  This tired male is on his way to the Arabian Sea for Christmas.



Wader Roost Southport Pier 01


Wader roost

A typical roost of knot, dunlin and godwit with Southport Pier in the background. January 2005.


Bar tailed Godwit 07 crop


Bar tailed godwit   Limosa lapponica

Looking out to sea this time, Southport, UK.



Knot 04


Red knot  Calidris canutus

Photographed at Severn Beach, my local wader spot, soon to be destroyed by the Severn barrage!



Avocet 02 crop

Avocet   Recurvirostra avosetta  (C)

One of the most annoying things when photographing from a car is that sometimes the bird flies off before you've braked, on with the handbrake, down with the window, up with the beanbag and out with the lens...  Avocet 02 was one such shot - it was taken by my girlfriend Jenka who was in the back of the car with the camera at the ready!  Photograph cropped off the top and bottom.



Dunlin juvenile 03


Dunlin      Calidris alpina

A juvenile lost and all alone on Douglas sea front, Isle of Man, 2005.




Ruff 1 (S)


Ruff  Philomachus pugnax  (S)



Common Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper 07


Common Sandpiper  Actitis hypoleucos



Curlew Sandpiper 07



Curlew Sandpiper  Calidris ferruginea



Green Sandpiper 06


Green Sandpiper  Tringa ochropus




Little Stint 03


Little Stint  Calidris minuta




Redshank 06


Redshank   Tringa totanus



Black Tailed Godwit

Godwit Black tailed 19


Black tailed godwit   Limosa limosa

An elegant and beautifully plumaged wader.  A hundred or so of these appear every year at Slimbridge in the Autumn.


Black Winged Stilt 2 (slight crop)


Black winged stilt   Himantopus himantopus

Sammy the Stilt was a regular attraction in Norfolk, and here we have an early photo of him (I think!) taken at Titchwell circa 1999.


Also see Plovers and Snipe



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