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Pomerine Skua

Skua Pomarine 01




Skua Pomarine 04 



Pomarine skua

  After several days of winter storms a few of these rare but regular visitors landed close to my home in November 2009.  Unaccustomed to humans in their home range of  north-east Europe, this individual could be approached closely (full frame images!), albeit precariously across slippery and deep tidal mud.   Photograph from Severn Estuary, Chepstow,





Iceland Gull 09


Iceland gull





Ring Billed Gull 08


Ring billed gull






Tern Common 13 flight





Tern Common 12 flying


Common tern


Brave little birds that will come within close range - if you know where to go.  In this instance, they fished in front of me just 5m away.

Photograph from Northumberland, June 2008.








Kittiwake 05                                                                                                                   Kittiwake 04 with chick





Kittiwake 09






Kittiwake 03 flight




Graceful gulls that can become quite tame.  Northumberland, June 2008.






Fulmar 04 flight





Fulmar 02




A fast flyer and not very common. The British Albatross.  

 The bottom photograph was taken with a macro lens and is not cropped!! Northumberland, June 2008.






Herring Gull in Mayweed 01


Herring gull


A familiar face, but it often presents a challenge to get a nice photograph.







Tern Arctic 3 (S)





Tern Arctic 01 fishing



Arctic tern


Classic Farne Islands!



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