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I had a few late hours at Bempton Cliffs in East Yorkshire in late June 2008.  The weather was dull and stormy and I was almost the only person there, but persistence brought dividends because at about 8pm the sun dipped below the clouds and I got 30 minutes of glorious light back-dropped by the bluish storm clouds out to sea. Up to that point I could have jumped off the cliff.





Gannet 23




Gannet 09 flight




Gannet 16 flight



Gannet 14 flight



Gannet 22



Bass Rock 02


A few days later saw me opposite Bass Rock in Scotland.  Huge numbers of gannets here - the white bits aren't snow if you look closely.


Black guillemot

A bird that totally changes its plumage for breeding from almost white to almost black.



Black Guillemot 01




Black Guillemot 07 (S)                                                                                  Black Guillemot 02







Guillemot 01 (S)





Razorbill 01



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