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Greylag Goose 20 at dawn





Greylag Goose

Greylag Goose 31


Greylag goose   Anser anser

Dawn.  Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK.  November 2008




Canada Goose 1


Canada goose   Anser canadiensis






Islay White fronted Goose 01


White fronted goose  (greenland race)   Anser albifrons

Islay, Scotland.  November 2006




White Fronted Goose

Goose White fronted 05


White fronted goose (siberian race)   Anser albifrons

Slimbridge WWT, Gloucestershire, UK.  February 2008





Barnacle Goose Islay

Islay 02




Barnacle Wetland 32



Barnacle goose

Islay, Scotland.  November 2006




Goose Pink Footed 07


Pink footed goose     Anser fabalis brachyrhynchus

Loch Tay, Scotland.  2006






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