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Hawfinch,   Siskin,   Crossbill





Chaffinch 18 snow


Chaffinch  Fringilla coelebs

Forest of Dean.  February 2009.




Bullfinch 04 bw


Bullfinch  Pyrrhula pyrrhula    (manipulated)





Brambling 08




Brambling 11


Brambling  Fringilla montifringilla

Forest of Dean Arboretum.  March 2008.




Lesser Redpoll       

Lesser Redpoll 12 crop                                                                                                                   Lesser Redpoll 08 crop



Lesser Redpoll



Common redpoll  Cardeulis flammea

These are very timid and flighty birds so a lot of patience was required to get them on film.  The subspecies, or race, "Lesser" Redpoll was until recently classed as a species in its own right.  They are nearly always accompanied by the subspecies "Mealy" Redpoll, but to tell  the difference in the field is quite a challenge.

The left photo is a Lesser Redpoll feeding on Mugwort at Rye Meads RSPB reserve (Hertfordshire) in November 2012.  The right photo is from the Forest of Dean in the summer of 2009.


Twite 1 (S)


Twite  Cardeulis flavirostris  (C) (S)

An easily overlooked finch that breed on higher ground, typically heather moorland.  They like to perch on fences, as seen here, and often are found in flocks during winter.  This is a breeding bird photographed in Oban, Scotland.




Greenfinch 06




A bird that appears to becoming scarcer? 


Goldfinch 14 crop




Goldfinch 15


Goldfinch    Carduelis carduelis

Goldfinch are shy birds and it's taken a few years of patience for me to get good shots of them.


Linnet 16



Linnet Flock 01


Linnet    Acanthis cannabina

This top photo is from the Forest of Dean in late July.  In summer the birds stay in pairs for breeding.  By the winter the linnets congregate into flocks.  The lower photo only captures a small portion of the total flock of maybe a thousand or more linnets.  Linnets are typically gregarious outside of the breeding season and congregate in open country.  They are often depicted in bird guides as flocks in the snow but the reality of this has become very rare.  This picture perhaps captures a memory of those winter flocks.


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