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Goldeneye display

 Goldeneye 23


 Goldeneye 08 female


Goldeneye    Bucephala clangula golden Midwinter sunset 2008






 Garganey 04





 Garganey 06



Garganey    Anas querquedula

A pleasant surpise visit of 3 males and a female close to my home in the Forest of Dean in 2013





 Scaup 01b (male)


 Scaup 01b (female)



Scaup    Aythya marila





 Pintail 08


Pintail    Anas acuta




 Shelduck 10


Shelduck    Tadorna tadorna





 Goosander 01 (slight crop)


Goosander    Mergus merganser

Up to 20 goosanders could be found at one small lake in the Forest of Dean in January 2009. 






Eider Duck pair

 Eider Duck 25

Eider    Somateria mollissima




 Tufted Duck 02




Tufted Duck

 Tufted Duck 13




Tufted duck    Aythya fuligula






 Mallards mating 01



Mallard    Anas platyrhychos





 Teal Male 01                                                       Wigeon 05



Teal Anas crecca                                  Wigeon Anas penelope



 Pochard 03


Pochard    Aythya ferina




Mandarin 11



Mandarin Duck

Mandarin 62


Mandarin    Aix galericulata

The Forest of Dean is well known for its wild population of breeding mandarins.




 Pochard 03


Wood duck    Aix sponsa

The North American equivalent of the Mandarin, and again an escape from wildfowl collections.



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