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Buzzard  Buteo buteo



 Buzzard 87 on rabbit




Buzzard on Rabbit

 Buzzard 80 on rabbit


Buzzards are commonly seen but rarely photographed.  In the last week of April 2008 I spent 2 mornings in a hide near my home hoping to get a buzzard to come down to dead rabbits for  a photograph.  The rabbits had been shot by a farmer, so myself and Andy Purcell tried the old baited buzzard trick!  Not that I was optimistic because I've tried this twice before without success.  Buzzards are way too wary of people, even in hides.  But on both days, the buzzard found the rabbit within an hour!




Buzzard 76


The last image is of a Buzzard nest in the Forest of Dean that was so awkwardly positioned that only a small viewing window through the leaves of other trees was possible.  I actually prefer this sort of photo, so I was happy.



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