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Lady Orchid 24                                                                              Lady Orchid 22



Lady  orchid     Orchis purpurea

Oxfordshire, UK, May 2009.


A tall and spectacular orchid photographed in the open on the Oxfordshire chalk downland. 

They are much more common in Kent although often in woodland.

Lucky to find the last plant standing at this site, as the others had all gone over by mid May.





Lady Orchid hybrid 01


Lady x Monkey orchid     Orchis simia x purpurea

Hartslock, Oxfordshire, June 2007.



At the time of taking this photo it was thought to be a 2nd generation lady orchid.

I think most are now agreed it is a hybrid with the monkey orchid, as this also grows on the same site and flowers at the same time.


See here for more info.



Lady Monkey Orchid 29


In 2009, a second hybrid variety occurred.  Maybe a back-cross between the first hybrid and the original Lady Orchid? 

It now resembles the Military Orchid.






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