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Tawny Funnel Cap 06



Tawny funnel cap




Fly Agaric 04b


I discovered dozens of fly agarics growing close to my home in October 2008.


Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric 06


Until then this was my best find in the Charnwood forest many years ago....



Fly Agaric 3 (S)


Fly agaric





Earthstar 09


Earthstar  Geastrum triplex


Bizarre mushrooms that grow legs and walk!  They are a sort of puffball and eject spores at the slightest touch of an insect or human finger.   This was growing very close to my home.








Woodtuft (S)




Fungi Parasol 02






Shaggy Ink Cap 05


Shaggy ink cap





Fungi Puff Ball 06







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