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Grey Wolf  3 (S) captive


Grey wolf

The Grey Wolf was last seen in the UK in 1743 (Findhorn Valley of Scotland) but is still present in Eastern parts of Europe.  It was once the furthest fling of all mammals across the globe.  Reintroducing the wolf to the Scottish Highlands is close to being achieved.  It was first proposed in the late 1960s, but the idea only started to gain wider publicity and support following the reintroductions of the red wolf to the south-eastern United States in 1989.  A very contentious issue with very little support from Scottish Natural Heritage (Scottish Governments Conservation Agency) and the landowners that support conservation issues promoted by SNH.  For more info go to:



Grey Wolf  2 (S) captive



Iberian wolf

The only other European wolf is the Iberian or European Wolf (Canis lupus lupus).  Spain is one of the last remaining refuges of the European wolf . The Iberian wolf population is slowly recovering from its 1970 low of 400-500 odd individuals with current (2003) figures estimated at as many as 2,000-2,500, almost 30% of European wolf numbers outside the ex-USSR.



Iberian Wolf 1 (S) captive



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