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Brecon Wild Pony 17



Welsh Mountain Ponies

Mountain ponies have been living in the uplands of the UK since Roman times.  They are wild or semi-wild, and have probably always been tamed and used by local farmers.  During the 18th century their unique qualities began to be recognized and many were bred for work in the coal mines of South Wales.

Today they once again roam free, although many pony trekking companies still employ them.  There are less than 1,000 registered ponies left in Wales and are a recognized rare breed.  Here is a selection of photographs from one small wild herd that frequents the high summits of the Brecon Beacons, grazing at over 700m.  Note the new arrival this year (2007).


Brecon Wild Pony 16



These photographs of wild mountain horses were taken on a great day in the mountains as can be seen by the vblue sky in the image below.




Brecon Wild Pony 20




Brecon Wild Pony 24




Brecon Wild Pony 13



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